Strandzha Preserve

1Strandzha preserve has been acknowledged in 1995. Its area represents one percent of Bulgaria’s territory.

Five preserves form together Strandzha. These are Silkosia, Tisovitsa, Sredoka, Vitanovo and Ouzounboudzhak (Lopoushna). Another 12 protected areas, the architecture preserve of the village of Bryshlian and the folklore preserve of Bulgari village are also part of the preserve.

Strandzha Mountain is located in the southeastern part of the country and reaches the city of Bourgas in the north and Istanbul in the south. The mountain is comprised of moderately high hills. Its highest point on Bulgarian territory is Gradishteto peak, 710 m.

The two biggest rivers on the territory of the preserve are Rezvaya (also known as Rezovska) and Veleka. Both of them originate in Turkey. Rezovska River marks the southeastern border between Bulgaria and Turkey. Since it flows in a border region, the river is little known. Veleka is 147 km long and has been acknowledged as one of the most beautiful rivers in the country.

Numerous plant and animal species can be seen in Strandzha. Many species are typical for the Mediterranean and Asia Minor region. The park has man
y deciduous forests.

Tourism opportunities in the region have been predetermined by the preserve’s status. Construction in the Black Sea part of Strandzha has been limited and the number of tourists spending their vacation there is small.

The villages of Sinemorets and Rezovo are better known but still appeal to tourists who like peacefulness and rest in wild areas.

Eco tourism is best developed in Stradzha. Apart from the traditional routes, tourists can visit unique places like the villages of Bulgari and Bryshlian. The two villages are known for their nestinarski traditions (fire dances) and the typical regional cuisine.