History of fire dancing

With certainty the fire dancing is one of the most interest attractions in the Bulgarian restaurants, unique of the sort, existing from many centuries only in Bulgaria

But we are already in 21 century and the ritual underwent significant development from its birth.

The fire dancing- so called “walking on coals with bare feet” is born even before Christ as a pagan ritual performed from the ancient Thracians. With the dancing on the coals , they fall in trance, they met the coming summer, glorify the name of the Sun God who carried with him the fire and they asked him to give them health, success and fruitfulness through the year.

The fire dancing ritualism covers almost the whole territory of south-east Thrace as that includes Bulgaria- Strandzha mountain ( Balgari village, Rezovo village, Brodilovo village and others), Тurkey (Bunarhisar) and Greece (Kosti, Agio Yani, Urgas and others).



The superstition is that the fire which burns pursued the ghosts, deceases and misfortune, purifies and absolves the sins of the present people at the ritual and makes them stronger and calmer. The fire dancers carry on their hands over the coals sick people to cure them, children and young people for long living.

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