Preserve Silkosia

1Silkosia preserve is situated in Strandzha Mountain, between the villages of Bulgari and Kosti. Its territory includes part of the bank of Veleka River Silkosia is the oldest preserve in the country, named as such in 1931.

The altitude of the region is 250 m above the sea level.

Many plant and animal species inhabit the area. Some of them are rare, while others are untypical for the Bulgarian climatic conditions. Swamps form the lower level of the preserve.

An interesting phenomenon can be observed in Silkosia. Beech trees typically grow in colder areas at higher altitudes, while oaks occupy lower levels. In Silkosia, beech trees grow in the lower parts, while oak trees grow in the upper and colder territories.

Regions with higher humidity feature a number of unusual plant species. The only wild medlar trees in Europe can be seen there.

Silkosia is also rich in animal species. Several types of frogs, turtles, snakes and other reptiles live there.

The number of bird species nesting in the preserve is also big. The mammals living there include wild cats, wolves, boars and martens.